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20th Annual Conference of European Association of Taiwan Studies in London - 26 June 2023: Click

The 20th European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) Annual Conference - 2023 - Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Panel - Reforming Age-Old Parties in Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan, and Turkey - "Modernizing the CHP": Click

Burak Cop and Kerem Kılıçdaroğlu, "Linkage, Leverage, and Authoritarianism: An Overview of the Collapse of Turkey’s EU Membership Prospect", SAGE Open, 18 August 2021: Click

Burak Cop and Ahmet C. Ertürk, "The Rise and Fall of Corbynism", Reflektif: Journal of Social Sciences, 2021, Vol. 2(2), 287-307 : Click

BAU POLSIR Webinar Series 4: Covid19 and Changes of Voting Behaviour in the Developed Countries - 2 July 2020: Click

The Effects of the Decline of the EU Leverage Over Turkey’s Political Regime - IAFOR Asian Conference on Social Sciences 2019 Official Conference Proceedings: Click

Corbyn's Ideology: Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, or Left Populism? - ATINER's Conference Paper Series SOC2019-2637: Click

Countdown for Brexit: What to expect for UK, EU and Turkey? - GPoT Policy Brief No. 64 - April 2019: Click

Britain at a crossroads: How to deal with the Brexit? - METU News Report - 15 April 2019: Click 

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Turkish court extends detention of Cumhuriyet journalists - Arab News - 13 September 2017: Click

In the Dawn of a New Barbaric Era - E-International Relations - 23 November 2016: Click

Turkey’s Operation in Syria and the Future of the Syrian Civil War - E-International Relations - 26 September 2016: Click

Turkey: Social unrest and the crisis of representation (co-authored with Saide Kuzeyli) - Hürriyet Daily News - 7 July 2013: Click

Lauren McLaren - A new Turkish revolution? - Ballots & Bullets - 26 September 2011: Click

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